7 Colors Soccer Balls

Case Studies – 7 Color Soccer Balls

In this case study, you will learn exactly how a soccer ball supplier will do from beginning to the end.

If you want to know:

  • How the soccer ball supplier works for my order?
  • Learn more details of the production procedures.
  • Some frequently asked questions.
  • How to do some basic marketing works for my brand.

Then you will love this case study.

Let’s dive right in.


Chapter #1: Designing

Chapter #2: Sampling

Chapter #3: Mass Production

Chapter #4: Basic Marketing knowledge

Chapter #1: Designing.

You can’t get anything done before understanding who is the end customer and what are these soccer balls used for?

So generally, the soccer ball manufacturer will ask you few questions about your project, they might be:

  • Could you share something about this project?
  • Who will be your end market or end user? (promotional gifts? For babies? For supermarket? For pro soccer clubs? For matches?)
  • When is the wanted delivery date?
  • Do you have a logo or something you want to be printed on the ball?

That sounds boring, but if you want to save YOUR time, it’s better to make everything clear, then the supplier will know the correct direction.

After confirming the details with the customer, we will generate an internal project, the salesman who contact with you will be the project manager, he/she is responsible for EVERYTHING related to this project.

So how to make designs? This is very important for every project.

The final design is related to the success or failure of the project.

Inspired from “the Lean production” and “the Lean Startup”, so generally, we will create ONE design first for our customers based on target consumers, target market, regions, color preferences, etc…

We name it “the Lean Designing”, we will not create 3 or more designs at first (Except in special circumstances), that is a kind of waste time and energy.

Generally, our customers may not 100% satisfied with the 1st version, that is not a problem, we will adjust according to your request with very quick time.

Here is what did in the real cases.

After a short chat with the customer, we got everything we want to know.

Also together with a PMS color list, they are PMS 719, PMS 920, PMS 721, PMS 728, PMS 730, PMS 731, PMS 732.

If a soccer ball must contain 7 colors, especially they are similar colors, what will you do?

Obviously, the best solution is to assign the 7 colors evenly distributed on the soccer ball sphere.

Luckily, the customer loved this design.

The artwork #1 is a for reference, the artwork #2 is for checking the colors.

What? You can’t read the artwork?

Oh no, you are facing the same problem with thousands soccer ball buyers in the world.

All the artworks are flat, difficult to read.

Even though you understand every element on the artwork, you don’t know the positional relationship of these elements on the soccer ball sphere.

Don’t worry, our soccer ball 3D Mockups can help you solve this problem.

Here is what you will see. More easy to read, right?


Chapter #2: Samples.

After getting the confirmation about the artwork and mockups from the customer, we will then start making samples.

Generally, making a sample need around 7-10 days, why?

  1. Adjust the order of the panels connections, make it easier to print and stitch.
  2. Produce the printing screens.
  3. Prepare the materials.
  4. Prepare the ink which will be used for printing.
  5. Basic procedures: Cutting, printing, stitching, inspecting, cleaning, packaging.

But as our aim states, we are trying our best to provide the most professional and comfortable experiences to our customers.

Given that there is a specific deadline for this project, we have to try everything possible to catch up with this deadline, so we push ourselves to finish sample 2 days earlier than planned as below.


After finishing the samples, we have to check the samples carefully and carefully by ourselves in order to save customer’s time and money.

Unfortunately, I found some problems on the samples, the color of some panels cannot match any of given colors. And also some colors are not similar enough to the given colors.

Such as these pictures:

At the same day, I submitted the sample report to the customer and the production department as well about the samples problems, immediately, I have asked our production department to revise and remake new sample immediately. Very soon the new samples with correct colors have been finished.

New sample pictures and reports have been submitted again to the customer.

After getting the sending approval from the customer, we sent out the samples together with the sample tags right away via DHL, the fastest courier.

After 4 days, finally the customers received the samples.

After detailed inspection, the customer sent me a confirmation about the samples:

“Hi Jeff, you guys did a great job, I love the samples, please prepare the materials immediately and arrange the mass production ASAP.

Let me know the best delivery date, thanks.”

Just few words, with the great magic to make us happy for a long time.

Chapter #3: Mass Production

Mass production is not as smooth as imagined.

Because of the similar base colors, it’s very difficult to produce the materials (synthetic leather – TPU), we spent much time on ordering the materials. This is an unexpected reason which will lead the delivery date several days later than agreed.

Once the materials arrived, the standard procedures followed:

  1. Check the material quality
  2. Clean the material
  3. Cutting the material into panels
  4. Mix the ink
  5. Print the ball
  6. Stitch the ball
  7. Put the bladder into the cover
  8. Seal the ball (hand stitched part)
  9. Testing
  10. Cleaning
  11. Packaging
  12. Shipping

Chapter #4: Basic Marketing

If you do nothing about your project, do not expect more.

These soccer balls would not generate any sales itself without a suitable marketing method.

So what is a suitable marketing way: Posters? Video? SNS marketing? Advisement?

Maybe the video is a better way.

Here is the part of the video for your reference. Let’s enjoy.



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