A short but sweet story – Happy Father’s Day!

“Have I ever made you cry in front of me, Dad?”

I asked this question to the man who is not young any more.

Why I asked this, because I don’t remember ever seeing him cry.

He said, “Once.”

He told me that when I was 1 year old, he laid out a pen, a dollar, and a toy of some sort in front of me.

He wants to see which one I would pick.

It represents what you will value most when you grow up.

He was just doing it out of curiosity and boredom.

It was interesting for him to see which one I’d pick anyway.

He said that I just sat there and stared at the items.

According to him, I crawled towards them.

He held his breath, and I pushed everything aside and went right into his arms.

He didn’t realize that he was one of the choices.

And that was the first, and the only time I made him cry.