IFAN SPORTS, a proven soccer ball supplier in China, started in 2012, specialized in the supply of quality Soccer balls, Volleyballs, Basketballs, and raw materials, beach & pool items for over 6 years.

The main products are leathers (including PVC leather, TPU leather, PU leather), Sports balls (Including Soccer Balls, Volleyballs, Basketballs, Rugby and footballs), and Beach & Pool items (Including Beach balls, neoprene balls, and inflatable balls, inflatable items.)

From the very beginning of the foundation, we insist on product quality and purchasing experience. Trying hard to provide the best quality with excellent service.

Export soccer balls to over 32 countries and still counting!

Most of them are small to medium sized companies and but with some famous brands, including, DIADORA, LOTTO, Bayern Munich club, FILA, Umbro, and more…


We do understand the pains of small soccer business owners:

  • Small Orders are Not Welcomed by Most Soccer Ball Suppliers.
  • Too Expensive Prices due to the Small Order.
  • Can Not Read the Flat 3D Soccer Ball Artworks.
  • Less Attention and Patience Received from Suppliers.
  • Can Not Get Instant Help when Needed.

So, here comes the solution:

  • Small Business Friendly: IFAN Sports do NOT care about your first order quantity,  will NOT  charge extra prices, we are not doing ONE-DEAL business with you, what we want is a long-term partnership relationship.
  • Easy Communication and Fast Responding: Each customer service representitive is expert on soccer ball trade. From the very beginning to the end, they will connect your reputation to theirs, concern what you concern, care what you care.
  • Burn the Artworks: more than 90% customers can NOT read the flat 2D artwork, why not just burn it? IFAN SPORTS could help you transfer artwork into Super Realistic 3D mockups, why made things difficult for yourserlf?
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