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“IFAN Sports helps Importers, Wholesalers, Clubs, Distributors, and Brand owners to achieve their soccer business goals and make their business more profitable.”

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Official licensed and trusted soccer ball factory

IFAN SPORTING GOODS CO., LTD is one of the leading manufacturers of soccer balls, footballs, and other sports balls in China.

With our guaranteed quality control and cutting edge of craftsmanship, we have successfully supplying big and small brands and clubs with quality soccer balls, such as: Bayern Munich club, Barcelona club, Diadora, Lotto, etc.

Thanks to our passion and continuous pursuit of improving and optimizing technical processes to provide higher quality, innovative and environmentally friendly soccer balls to many brands and club customers worldwide.

Ifan Sports factory

High quality manufacturing at scale

Thanks to our Continuously improved production processes and our experienced employees, we can achieve:

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Meet Your Future Partners

Behind every single piece of soccer ball is a team of dedicated Ifan Sports people.

Meet Your Future Partners

You are supported by a big family with over 100 members, reflecting an outstanding cost management, top service and excellent production capacity.

Your supplier is teamed up by the passion of soccer balls, enabling them to understand specific your needs and provide values to life within a very short time.

The professional sales & service team provides considerate service from your first inquiry to delivery.

Your soccer ball supplier is just equipped with enough experiences to solve all your problems in soccer balls and sports balls industry.

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So, What’s for you?

By working with us, Get benefits from our self-owned factory.

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Many big and small brands and clubs have already tried our quality for you in advance. We made our quality guarantee promise, they gave us their licenses and trusts.

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With our self-owned soccer ball factory, we could provide the best and competitive price to you. You purchase directly from a real factory.

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Normally we could finish orders within 20 days if less than 20000pcs, for rush orders, we could finish within 7 days.

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We are trying to provide full service to our customers. From the initial inquiry and the final delivery, we always think one-step forward. We do more, you do less.

What are our customers saying?

“As with many clubs we seem to lose an incredible amount of balls, particularly match balls over the course of a season which really is costly. Obviously having our own labelled balls makes them a hell of a lot easier to track. The durability of our custom balls has really impressed this season and we certainly won’t hesitate to buy again..”

Josh, Argentina

“If you have needs for customised footballs, make sure you give Jeff with @Ifan Sports an Opportunity to help you out. Great to do business with they guys”.

Michelle, Italy

“The players and staff were amazed when we showed them the Custom ball with our very own club logo on it. The quality of the training ball is second to none and makes it quite easier to know which ones are actually our balls.”

Ron, U.S.

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