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  • Small orders friendly

  • Cheap and reasonable price guarantee

  • Multiple Designs provided with your logo

  • Never Check artwork again, just 3D “Real” soccer ball

  • Trusted by Bayern Munich club, Diadora, Lotto, Fila and more brands.

  • We are creating a “Zero-Claim” record for exporting 2,570,000 pcs sports balls and still counting!

Make us your Backup Forces, Maybe One Day, we will work together to make your business more profitable!

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The Easy, Friendly Way to Grow Your Business

#1  Hear What You Need

God gave us one mouth buy 2 years, so we need to listen to you carefully about your needs.

No matter used for promotion, for gifts, training, match, or any other usage, IFAN SPORTS could meet your various needs on soccer balls.

No misunderstanding, No delaying, No Impatience, WE WILL TRY OUR BEST TO KNOW YOUR PROJECT BETTER THAN YOURSELF.

Concern what you concern, Care what you care, and then Avoid or solve it based on our experiences.

Hear What you need
Show What We Have

#2  Come Up With Several Solutions

Based on your project and our experiences, we will come up with several current or existing plans for you, including product plans (quality recommend, designs recommend, budget control), and marketing plans (Product photography, Posters, Short Videos, SNS posts).

If one of them is suitable, they just optimize to match your project perfectly.

(Don’t worry, we will NEVER leak your business information (including product details, marketing solutions and any marketing materials) to other customers! This is a promise.)

#3  Optimize and Launch Your Own Project

Based on the project solutions we came up with, there will a detailed product solution and marketing solution.

Then time to communicate for more information about how to launch a powerful soccer ball project, we will provide a full information about the whole project step by step.

Anything inappropriate could be corrected at once to guarantee the best success of your project.

Then, Show Time!

Optimize and Launch Your Own Project
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