Nike ACC Technology

Nike introduces ALL CONDITIONS CONTROL (ACC) technology for a new generation of football shoes. ACC technology can help you improve your ball performance in dry or wet weather.

Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) technology keeps the upper of the shoe on the wet or dry course with the same friction, feel and control of the football, allowing the wearer to perform in different environments.

ACC Technology stems from a special treatment during the development of the upper material, which allows the player to maintain a consistent touch in any weather conditions.

Regardless of where the competition is held, weather conditions will have a certain impact on the competition:

For example, in London, there is an average of 125 days of rain in a season, which makes catching and passing the ball extremely difficult, even for the best players.

In wet weather conditions, Nike’s ACC technology ensures constant friction between the surface of the shoe and the football, giving the player almost the same feel as the ball under dry conditions.

Nike’s design team learned from the communication with a number of players, including the Barcelona club Iniesta, that maintaining the same touch of the ball on a wet field is a point that players always hope to achieve.

Nike sneakers incorporate the latest in design and high performance, giving each sneaker a unique style.



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