Custom Soccer Balls

Why purchase a soccer ball every club has when you can create your own? At Ifan Sport, we help you create and produce custom soccer balls to stand out from the crowd.

Start Creating

Get Your Club Noticed on Soccer Balls

Think Unique! You can do something different to make your soccer balls stand out from the crowd.
Also, a quality customization work serves as a great wonderful marketing and branding tool for your soccer club.

Custom Soccer Ball

4 steps to customize your Soccer Balls

Learn Your Market

Every sentence matters from you. By contacting, we will help you with your positioning, marketing plans, and future outlooks.

Create Your Design

Unique design could be your second logo to your soccer club. At Ifan Sports, we don’t force you to choose from existing designs! Each design is tailored based on your logo and colors.

Manage Production

We continuously optimize the process and utilize the most advanced production technologies to ensure the fastest delivery speed and the most stable quality supply.

Door to Door

We could manage shipment directly from our factory, no matter small orders or large orders, we could provide Door to Door service to make your purchase much easier.


Limitless Possibilities

Full customization

Full Customization

Are you looking for a ball for your club? Do you want to have your own design for your business?
You are just in the right place here.
We could create unique personalised soccer balls for you exclusively use only.
Meet your target budget, Guarantee your quality level, and Supply you the tailored design.

Large or Small Orders Friendly

Not all clubs or customers can purchase 1000pcs at their first trial order.
Not all manufacturers can produce 5000pcs a day.
At Ifan Sports, we won’t force you to order 1000pcs for your first order.
We have NO Minimum Order Quantity!

Full customization
Full customization

Meet Your Various Quality Requirements

For different purposes, there will be different quality needs.
You may need promotion quality for your brands or business; You may need training quality for your club practice and training; You may need camp quality for your camping activities.
We could meet all your needs based on our full quality range.

Tailored Unique Designs

Design is everything, everything.
Colors and designs serve as a great tool for advertising and branding.
When it comes to soccer balls, it is the quality of the soccer design that makes your balls stand or fall.
At Ifan Sports, we could provide fully customized designs, which could be used exclusively for you.

Full customization
Complex Artwork3D mock-up

Free Super Realistic 3D Mock-ups

Maybe you are one of the most customers who can’t but have to read and understand the complex artworks.
I don’t know how long time you can tolerate it. But I don’t want to waste my valuable time on the soccer artworks anymore!
So we have developed a new system to transfer the artwork directly into the Super Realistic 3D mock-ups.
Artworks and Mock-ups, which one do you prefer?

Fast Turnaround Time

If you are in this industry, you will know that most soccer suppliers let you wait 50-60 days to produce your personalised soccer balls.
What’s the point of getting the balls after 60 days later?
For Ifan Sports, based on our self-owned factory, we could finish general orders within 20 days.
For special rush orders, we could even finish orders within 7 days.

Full customization
Door to Door service

Door to Door Service

Forget the shipping paper works, forget to consolidate shipments.
At Ifan Sports, we provide the user experiences we’d want to experience ourselves!
No matter large or small orders, if you want, we could choose the best suitable method to deliver them directly to your hands.

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