Nike officially released the Serie A game ball for the 19-20 season.

This new Nike Merlin Serie A ball adds some navy blue and yellow details while retaining its predecessor characteristics.

This ball brings a new visual experience, you can see the navy blue and yellow on the different sides and the oversized black-and-white Swoosh, surrounded by a splash of a huge serie badge in the white panel.

Unlike the previous Premier League game, Serie A’s Nike Merlin 19-20 season ball does not have a modular custom design, but is based on the regular color of the new Merlin.

From a technical point of view, the new Nike Merlin soccer ball is the same as before.

Nike Merlin Serie A 19-20 season game ball – Features

  • 4 Spherical structure reduces the number of seams and expands the contact area

  •  Using 3D ink pattern to enhance texture

  •  The Nike Aerow Trac groove is aerodynamic and helps the ball fly more stably in the air.

  •  ACC technology is added to the sphere to ensure consistent performance in all weathers

  •  Latex bladder maintains air pressure and shape more evenly than traditional rubber bladders

  •  Multi-layer composite polyurethane constitutes spherical lining

The new Serie A ball will also release a yellow “high visibility” version for use in the winter, but there are currently no spy photos.